Check4ID is here to make your life and work easier.

It's fast, simple, flexible and allows you to check document authenticity the way you want and need.

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Multiple Platforms

Check4ID is available for Android, iOS and Windows.

With you determine which platform you use to carry out checks, and how you wish to process the data obtained from the identity documents

In addition to the mobile versions for Iphone and Android phones, the Windows version supports various Full Page and Half Page ID Readers.

Modern document and age control

With additional features, such as document and chip checks, expiration checks, repeat scan detection, statistics, saved information and connecting to third party applications, Check4ID is suitable in many situations were control of Identity Documents is needed.


Check4ID enables you to scan the MRZ and RFID Chip found on modern identity documents, and retrieve information like color photo from the chip for comparison

Easy Scanning

Check4ID scans all MRZ's that comply to the international ICAO 9303 standard, and many more. (eg. ID Cards, Passports and Driving Licenses) without the need for changing and selecting the type of MRZ.

Be Sure of who you are dealing with

Especially in situations where you want to check if you are dealing with the right person Check4ID is the App of choice. It's suitable for delivery services, registration, age control, etc.