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the perfect way is the beating heart of the multi-platform application Check4ID

With and Check4id you can, read , check , and process identity documents anywhere, anytime.

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Modern and innovative

ScanActive Introduces you to a completely new and modern way of checking and processing identity documents.

Regardless of whether you use a computer with an ID-Reader or your smartphone, with a Scanactive account and the multi-platform program Check4ID you can read, check and process identity documents everywhere.

With our flexible customizable solutions, ranging from adequate age control to comprehensive and innovative document authentication, you have a powerful tool tailored to your needs and requirements, .

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Our solutions, including the powerful add-ons and export options, are widely applicable to governments and commercial organizations.

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  • Fast and effective age control
  • Extensive and innovative document and identity verification
  • Share data regardless of the platform you use
  • History and statistics
  • Supporting Apps for Android and iOS